Physics invokes two main concepts

Regarding superposition-of-state, something cannot both be and not be at the same time. If something is so observed then there’s been no collapse-of-the-wave-function which violates one major interpretation of Quantum Mechanics.

*Quantum Mechanics / Physics invokes two main concepts. Firstly, there’s the inherent concept of the observer / measurement. Observing Physics and measuring invokes the second concept of indeterminacy / probability. Now, let’s just change things and add the word “no” in front of the first concept. So, no observer / no measurement. IMHO that then translates into no indeterminacy / no probability.

*So there’s no probability in Quantum Mechanics in the absence of an observer.

*The “Observer Effect” is ruled null-and-void by the apparent fact that once upon a time within the Universe there were NO damn observers and yet the Universe kept ticking on blissfully unaware of this

*So we don’t actually need observers to explain life, the Universe and everything.

*There’s no mechanism by which a passive observer affects what is going to happen since what happens happened before the information about what happened reached the observer. And thus the observer had no say in the outcome of the matter.

*The basic problem with the “Observer Effect” is that whatever happened would have happened even had the observer NOT be present. So something happens and THEN it is observed. It’s not the case of someone observing and THEN something happens.

In conclusion, there can be NO “Observer Effect”. Firstly there was a time in the Universe before there were observers and the Universe got along very nicely without anyone or anything peeking out from behind a celestial curtain. Secondly, information travels from what’s being observed to the observer (information that would have been transmitted regardless) and NOT the other way around, unless of course the observer deliberately pokes the object under observation / measurement which sort of defeats learning about the object in its natural setting. And evidence for the “Observer Effect” to the contrary as the Quantum Zeno Effect and in the Double Slit Experiment is suggestive of a virtual reality and not of a really real reality.

The Simulation Hypothesis and the Fundamental Constants.

So we have here a whole potful of nature’s fundamental / physical constants** yet none can be derived from first principles or can any of the values be derived theoretically and to top it all off they have no apparent connection to each other. The speed of light has no apparent relationship to the electron’s electric charge for example. You couldn’t predict from first principles that on a level frictionless surface, two bowling balls would come together under a mutually attractive force we call gravity.

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