‘Normal Barbie’ gets her period!

Forget the dream house and ballgowns; perhaps not surprisingly, the Lammily doll that has been praised for giving young girls a ‘normal’ alternative to Barbie now features a far more down-to-earth accessory – a box of menstrual pads.

The Lammily line is already customizable with a spread of realistic add-ons including acne, scars and stretch marks, and has now launched a Period Party set that has pad and liner stickers, tiny underwear, a calendar, dot stickers to stay track of a menstruation cycle and an informational pamphlet. Sex Dolls

Artist Nickolay Lamm, 26, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, created the 11-inch doll supported government measurements of a mean 19-year-old American woman because he wanted to supply an alternate to fashion dolls that perpetuate unrealistic beauty standards.Menstruation remains a taboo in our society. quite that – sometimes it’s still used as an insult,’ the doll’s creator Nickolay Lamm told Daily Mail Online.

‘I’ve read horror stories of youngsters thinking that they were dying during their playing period . Parents also are wary of approaching this subject.’

Lamm added that he believes that the doll can introduce kids to menstruation during a fun way, and provides parents a useful gizmo to speak to them about it.

‘I just don’t think that something as core to a women’s life and health as menstruation should be seen as embarrassing in any way, shape, or form. If it weren’t for menstruation, i would not even be alive right now! So why not celebrate it, why not make it as accepted as the other bodily function?He added: ‘What are often more disarming than a doll having menstruation?’ Sbobbet

Lammily, which retails for $25, was launched in 2014 after a Kickstarter campaign raised over $500,000 to form the dolls.

‘I’m sure that some people will think that this is often a wierd product, some may disapprove, and a few people may even think that this is often “making fun” of menstruation,’ he said.

‘But I feel there is a very big difference between making fun of something and making something fun, especially if we are talking a few vital topic, which can be difficult to approach, for several kids and fogeys alike.’

Mr Lamm wrote on his website that he hopes to expand the Lammily line to incorporate different ethnicities, body shapes – and eventually, male dollsBranching out: Artist Nickolay Lamm said he hopes to convey the message that there’s nothing embarrassing about menstruationDoll design: Lammily was created supported average government measurements of a 19-year-old teenBody types: Lamm created his dolls to supply girls a more realistic alternative to toys like BarbieHappy times: the amount Party accessory set comes with tiny underwear, stickers and an informational pamphletThe facts: The informational pamphlet contains information about the changes that occur during menstruationTalking points: Lamm hopes that the doll will help parents broach the topic of menstruation with their kidsShare or discuss this article: Lammily the ‘Normal Barbie’ doll gets her period with tiny menstrual pads Star Wars Casino

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